Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June MyGlam!

 So a couple of days ago I received my June MyGlam bag and by far i must admit it was the best one so far besides the December bag. This month's theme was Out All Night and I received 4 items along with my clutch. Although the clutch smelled a little fishy I do appreciate that MyGlam decided to do a different bag besides the regular zip bag. The items i received where:

-Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream which I am excited to try because sometimes my hair does like to frizz up on me
-Marbella permanent eyeliner pen. I have been into liquid eyeliner this month so I'm glad I have another to add to my collection
-NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in the color iced honey which is a color that I normally wouldn't get but I'm glad I am able to try something out of my comfort zone
-Philosophy oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer is the item I am most excited to use because having oily skin I am always in the hunt for a new moisturizer that does not make my skin even more oily

Overall I was very happy with this month's bag and I really hope MyGlam continues with a good job.

XOXO DaisyFlower 

This week's free samples!

This week I received three samples in the mail from TRESemme, Purex, and Biore. I learned about these free samples while I was on the website and I signed up to receive them. The TRESemme sample was for their new split remedy products and I received a sample of the Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner along with a dollar off coupon to try out something else. The Purex sample was for their new and improved detergent Triple Action and along with it I received a fifty cent off coupon. And the last free sample I was the most excited about was the Biore sample which included a cleanser, face, scrub nose strip, and a dollar off coupon. Getting free samples is a great way to try out new products and get coupons so my suggestion is to keep an eye out for them by going on products pages like Facebook and also visiting one of my fave websites because many lovely users posts free samples they find.

Happy free sample findings :)!

XOXO DaisyFlower.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Recent Makeup Purchases!

I recently picked up a couple of things from MAC's Hey, Sailor! collection. To be be quite honest not many items caught my attention from this collection and I was a bit overwhelmed. The items that I did pick up where two lip products; a lipstick in the color To Catch A Sailor and a lipglass in Riviera Life which is one of my first lipglasses from MAC. I also picked up a bronzing powder in Refined Golden. And the one item I was most intrigued by that I had to pick up to try out was the high-light powder in Crew.

I also picked up a new foundation for the summer which is Clinique's stay-matte oil-free makeup in the color beige. Since I do suffer from very oily skin I was very excited when Clinique came out with this new foundation and I am also excited on testing this out.

I will be doing more detailed swatches and reviews on all the products listed above so keep and eye out on that. Thanks for visiting my blog.

XOXO DaisyFlower