Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My May Top Three!

Hey guys today I am going to bring you my top three product for the month of May. My top three include a nail polish brand, skincare, and a beauty tool. I will also be giving you mini reviews about each, so without further ado let's get this blog started.
The first product I have discovered and have been obsessed over in the month of May are the Rimmel London 60 Seconds nail polish. These nail polish are said to be a one coat nail polish that dries in 60 seconds. The formula of these are absolutely great they do dry in 60 seconds while you can use one coat on these I honestly prefer doing two coats. These nail polishes last a good long time I can go about four days without any chipping on these. These are so inexpensive too I have found these at Kmart for $1.99 and Walmart for $1.50. I would highly recommend these, at least try one and I am looking forward toward adding more to my collection. The four shades that I own from left to right are: 420 Sweet Lavender, 210 Mintilicious, 240 Blue My Mind, and 410 I Lilac You

My next favorite is a moisturizer I have been using for the last eight months. It is the Philosophy Take A Deep Breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. You can purchase this product at a Sephora or through Philosophy's web site and it retails for $34. I had to include this in my favorites because towards the end of April I had run out of my first jar so I decided to try out some of the sample moisturizers I have accumulated from subscription boxes and Sephora orders and it was a disaster. All of the samples of moisturizers I tried did not work at all, I tried the ones that were good for oily combination skin and believe me they left my face a mess. My face was was an oily mess every time I tried a new moisturizer suitable for oily skin so in the end I have to splurge and I repurchase my holy grail. This is a product I have of course repurchased and will continue to do so and I definitely had to include it in this month's top three.

The last but certainly not least favorite of the month of May is the trusty beautyblender. It is honestly one of the best tools I have tried, it puts on foundation so effortlessly and it gives a great airbrushed effect. I purchased my beautyblender through Birchbox because I used my points so I got them for free but I know you can get them though their website and also Sephora. It's a little bit pricey for a sponge $15.95 or for a two pack $28.95 but I think this is so worth it. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my favorites and I hope to bring you more. Thank you!

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