Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dollar Tree Beauty Hall

Hey guys I am so sorry I have not posted anything in a long time but today I bring you a small Dollar Tree beauty haul. I have recently learned that some Dollar Trees are carrying some drugstore brands and even some items from the brand elf through some pictures I have seen on Instagram. Of course as soon as I learned about this I ran to Dollar Trees around my area and picked up a couple of things. Here are some pictures of what I picked up.

I picked up two mascaras from the Wet N Wild brand. The first mascara in the yellow tube is the megavolume mascara and I picked it up in the shade very black. The second mascara in the blue tube is the megalength mascara and it is also in the shade very black. They are both o.27 fl.oz. I don't think I have to mention the prices but if you are curious everything in this haul was a $1.00.

The next two items I picked up were elf studio matte lip colors in the shades tea rose and rich red. I know these retail for $3.00 on their website or you can also pick them up at some Targets. I am very excited to test these out the most and see how they pan out. At some Dollar Trees I saw that they sell some items from elf's essential line which are the items that are $1.00 I only picked up one item from there which I will mention.

The next three items I picked up were eyeliners two pencils ones and a liquid one. The first one is Milani's color brilliance eye pencil in the shade 02 aqua. I picked up another eyeliner from  Milani which is called the metallic eye liner pencil liquid smooth in the shade 06 green. Last of the eyeliners I picked up one by elf and it is a liquid eyeliner in the shade midnight.

The last two items I picked up are from Maybelline and Milani. I picked up the Maybelline superaway lipcolor remover. I also picked up the Milani hd advanced lip color in the shade 118 premiere plum.

I hope you enjoyed reading my little Dollar Tree haul. Hopefully I can get some reviews on my blog on all of these products soon. If you are interested in any of these products of course I suggest you run to your nearest Dollar Tree and check it out. Thanks so much guys!

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